Rail Asset Management for Optimised Rail Networks

The Rail industry is increasingly turning to systems engineering and assurance practices to maintain optimal utilisation and performance of its rail networks.

Our Rail Consultants have the multi-disciplinary expertise needed to effectively apply these practices throughout the life of railway infrastructure technology projects, with our Asset Management solutions providing tactical outcomes to support sustainable rail networks.

Optimal asset management relies on the implementation of solutions by utilising data and tools to evaluate the performance and reliability of the rail network, and to aid in strategic decision-making while maintaining cost efficiencies.

Understanding the overall ‘health’ of a rail system through condition monitoring systems provides network data to inform operational and maintenance strategies preventing problems occurring when in operation, thereby having a reliable asset that successfully achieves what it is required to do.

Our approach to asset management is aligning it with overall business imperatives whether the driver is capacity, throughput, customer experience or other. Our team proactively work with clients in helping them move from a state of being reactive and maintenance-driven to a strategic framework that is diagnostic, predictive and cognitive.

As we move into a world of IoT and machine learning, even greater opportunities will be created for rail operators to improve effectiveness and efficiencies to influence their asset management strategies.

For more information on our Asset Management solutions, please contact our team, or visit our pages on Rail Telecommunications, Railway Signaling and Train Control Systems.