Committed to Rail Systems Innovation

Telecommunications is the backbone of a reliable, efficient and safe rail network, and is essential to addressing the diversified technology demands from rail operators in advancing their rail networks.

Rail Systems Australia works with rail operators and their partners in providing rail telecommunications advice and solution delivery whether they are planning for immediate upgrades or strategising for the future.

The interaction between multiple telecommunications systems can become complex particularly when interfacing with other technologies. Our Rail Consultants have comprehensive national and global experience in the design, management and operation of LTE, Wi-Fi and GSM-R networks, as well as their interfaces with ERTMS and CBTC systems.

We have unparalleled expertise in operational LTE in railway environments, and in fact we are currently involved in one of the first rail LTE projects in the world for an urban passenger rail system, along with several other enterprise LTE network solutions.

Our wide-ranging telecommunications expertise also span fixed transmission systems enabling the exchange of data through a range of technologies including: MPLS, IP/ethernet, fibre deployment and microwave point-to-point.

In addition, we have deep skills in legacy systems such as TETRA, PMR, SDH, PDH, and the integration of modern rail technologies across rail signalling and telecommunications to make them more efficient, while improving reliability and safety.

For more information on our Rail Systems solutions, please contact our team, or visit our pages on Rail Signalling, Train Control Systems and Rail Asset Management.