In October 2013, Rail Systems Australia released a white paper “ETCS L2 and CBTC over LTE – Convergence of the radio layer in advanced Train Control System” which continues to be one of our most popular resource downloads.

The white paper was authored by our Practice Director, Rodrigo Álvarez, and Juan Roman (a seasoned rail professional and past employee), and together they presented the paper to the IRSE Technical Meeting held in Perth, Western Australia at that time.

The paper described the trend towards using increasingly similar hardware platforms to implement varying Train Control Systems applications, and how that trend could affect the radio component of the respective Train Control Systems.

Along with discussing the trend, the paper also identified 3GPP defined Long Term Evolution (LTE) as an emerging radio technology that could act as a common train-to-shore transport layer that replaced the existing radio layers of the main Automatic Trian Control applications of the day, European Train Control System (ETCS) and Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC).

What of LTE in the Rail Environment?

Half a decade has passed since that paper was first presented and the question has been posed many times: what of the evolution of Automatic Train Control systems since that time? Have the author’s 2013 predictions been proven accurate? And, what became of LTE in the rail environment?

With so much change in a relatively short period, what can be anticipated for technology transformation in years to come?

This paper provides the latest insights measuring the postulates presented in 2013 against the tangible technology advancements of the past five years to draw a picture of the current state of affairs in the rail communications space.

Download White Paper: ETCS & CBTC Latest Insights

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